If you’re reading this article, then you may have been thinking or at some point thought about the virtual top up business. This article will guide you through the profitability of the business, how to venture into it and what you need to do to be successful in this line of business.


Virtual top up involves the purchase of airtime, internet data, payment of utility and education bills with the use of mobile or internet enabled devices. It is a business where a vendor tops up customers phones or pays utility bills for customers using his own internet enabled device.

Gone are the days where people recharge phones or pay utility bills using the traditional methods of scratch card or cash payments respectively. These days, everything can be done digitally from the comfort of your homes.


According to research, Nigeria has an estimated number of 192 million active GSM subscribers as of March 2021. The average mobile phone user spends between 500 to 1,000 naira weekly on airtime and internet data purchase. Also, with the high population of Nigeria and the need for constant electricity, payment of electricity bills can also be done for customers with little charges from the comfort of your home.

virtual top up(vtu) business

Vendors get a commission of as high as 5% on airtime and data purchase and can also charge customers a service fee of around 50 to 100 naira for service charge. With a good promotion and consistency, serious vendors can be making a profit of 10,000 to 20,000 naira weekly from this business.

Some big players in the VTU business include Quickteller, interswitch, Jumiapay, smartrecharge and VTpass. These companies rake in billions of naira yearly from these business.

In summary, Virtual top up (VTU) business is one of the most profitable businesses anyone can start in Nigeria with very little capital.


Venturing into the virtual top up business is as easy as ABC if you have the right guidance. The easiest way to venture into this business is to register with an already existing platform and vend directly from the dashboard provided on their website or mobile app. Users can either sign up on the Fibopay website or download the Jumiapay app to begin vending airtime and internet data.

Some of the requirements for this business include;

  • Mobile phone or any other internet enables device.
  • Little capital: This business can be started with as low as 2,000 naira. Signup on fibopay and fund your account to begin.
  • Social media pages: Vendors who really want to succeed in this business are advised to create social media pages where they can advertise their business to the public. Owning a social media page for your business does not only show seriousness, it also helps you to attract more customers.
  • Rate card: This is a graphic design that contains your logo, products prices and contact details. A good graphic designer can easily assist you with this.
  • Website: This isn’t compulsory but it is an added advantage as it helps build credibility and helps widen your customer base. You can get extra discounts and a custom website when you sign up to the fibopay reseller package.
  • Physical address: This also isn’t compulsory but it would be an added advantage because people generally tend to trust business that have a physical address.virtual top up(vtu) business


Succeeding in any business requires some consistency and time and it is just the same with the Virtual top up business. Besides setting up the business, having a large customer base is key to making huge profits from this lucrative business. The most important factor here is consistency because it take some times to gather up a reasonable number of customers for any business.

Word of mouth, printing of complimentary cards, use of social media and paid advertising can be very helpful for gathering up customers in the VTU business.


In summary, the Virtual top up business is a very lucrative business with little start up capital. Anyone can venture into this business ranging from students to housewives. It is also a good side business for people who own shops in very busy areas.

Visit Fibopay to sign up and begin making some extra income from this lucrative business.


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