Virtual top up (VTU) has proven to be one of the most lucrative businesses anyone can start in Nigeria with very little capital. The profitability of this business is due to the large population of people who consume telecom products on a daily basis.

In this guide, we’ll be going through the basics of starting a virtual top up (VTU) business and how to make huge profits from this gold mine.


Just like in any other business, certain things must be put in place before kicking off. Ranging from business name registration, opening of social media handles, renting an office space and signing up on an already existing VTU platform. Some of the steps detailed in this guide are not mandatory for people who want to just start small.

Below is a step by step guide on starting the virtual top up (VTU) business;

RESEARCH: This involves studying about the nature of the business, the profitability, how to promote the business and the best VTU platforms to work with. Luckily, we have done a research about the profitability of the VTU business and we have also helped you come up with the best VTU platform to work with. We recommend working with Fibopay because with Fibopay, vendors get as high as 5% discount on products purchased. Other notable platforms also include Jumiapay and VTpass.

virtual top up (VTU)

REGISTER YOUR BUSINESS: Registering your business gives you an edge over other unregistered businesses. However, it isn’t compulsory if you just want to run a small scale Virtual top up businesses. One of the advantages of registering your business is that it will help you build trust and gather up more customers.  To register your business, you can simply visit the corporate affairs commission website for further details.

REGISTER WITH A VTU PLATFORM: After your research and business registration with the appropriate commission, the next step will have to be signing up with a very good VTU platform. As we have already done the research for you, we recommend Fibopay where vendors get up to 5% discount on products purchased. Asides fibopay, other notable VTU platforms we recommend are Jumiapay and VTpassFibopay has a very clean interface with a responsive customer care to handle all user issues. The platform is also very easy to use.

CREATE SOCIAL MEDIA PAGES: Social media has proven to be very helpful to this kind of business because it has the amount of population that the business requires. Creating a social media page for the business helps you advertise your products to your followers on social media and it also helps build a credible brand name for your business. People love it when they can engage with their favorite brands on social media. For a virtual top up business, owning a page on facebook, twitter and instagram will be perfect because displaying your products and services on these social media channels will definitely drag some customers to you.

RENT AN OFFICE SPACE: Owning an office space will be a good advantage if you want to go fully into this business. Customers will feel safe transacting with you if they know they can also meet you in person. One advantage of renting an office space is that people passing by can also patronize you if they know what you’re doing. One way to display your products in your office is by hanging a well designed banner that displays all your products and services. Renting an office space in a very busy area like a student’s area or a market area is best for this business.

virtual top up (VTU)

PROMOTE YOUR BUSINESS: Promotion is one of the most important steps in this business because it helps more customers to find you. Some of the best promotion strategies for the virtual top up business are; use of social media, word of mouth, banners, complimentary cards and running paid ads on other websites. We recommend the use of social media and word of mouth advertising first because they’re are less expensive.


After carrying out the above steps, the next and most difficult step is the ‘wait‘. Every business takes some time to mature and this also applies to the virtual top up business. Virtual top up is a very profitable business and with consistency and patience, anyone who ventures into the business will definitely make huge profits.

Register on fibopay to begin your journey in the VTU business and make huge profits.




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