After registering on Fibopay, the next step will have to be funding your wallet so that you can begin vending our products and making huge profits. As we may have it, this process is very easy and has been explained in this very short article.

If you haven’t registered on Fibopay, you can do so by clicking here and you can also go through our post on how to earn money with virtual top up (VTU) business.

Below is a step by step guide on how to fund your wallet;


Visit Fibopay to login to your dashboard. Enter your email and password and click sign in to access the dashboard.

Fibopay Login

After logging in, you’re granted access to your dashboard from where you can perform every other transaction


After logging in, your dashboard is displayed as shown below;

Fibopay dashboard

On the top right, click the ‘Credit wallet‘ button. This takes you to another page that provides you with multiple options on crediting your wallet. The options available for crediting your wallet are card payment, bank transfer to our account number, transfer to each customers unique account number and Bitcoin payment (this is currently unavailable because of the current ban on crypto in Nigeria).

Fibopay credit wallet

Enter the amount you want to credit and select your preferred payment method. Then click the ‘proceed’ button. For ‘ATM card‘ payment, enter your card details and your account will be automatically credited.

For ‘credit deposit/transfer‘, users will have to transfer funds to the account number displayed and after that, proceed to the ‘payment notification’ tab on the menu. They fill in the payment notification form and the admin credits them from the back end. This method is not automatic.

Another way to fund your fibopay wallet is by making use of the unique account number provided to each user. Transfer funds directly to that unique account and it will reflect automatically in your wallet.

Fibopay unique user account number


Funding your wallet is the next thing you should do immediately after registering on Fibopay. This enables you to vend our products directly from your dashboard with ease. The process of wallet funding has been made very easy, users can choose the most convenient method to fund their wallets.

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