Virtual top up (VTU) business is a very profitable business that anyone in Nigeria can start with very little capital. It involves online airtime and data recharge, payment of bills and money transfer through a completely virtual process.

Virtual top up (VTU) business can be ventured into by anyone ranging from students, housewives and other petty shop owners. It is excellent as a side hustle if you’re starting with very little capital and can be a full source of livelihood if ventured into with seriousness.


Starting a virtual top up (VTU) business has been made very easy as there are so many platforms that offer the services. Anyone can easily register with a platform and begin to vend airtime and data and also make bills payment within a blink of an eye.

These days many people are going into the virtual top up business without proper research. Some virtual top up companies exist without proper operations or even a proper customer care team.

You can view our post on how to start a virtual top up (VTU) business in Nigeria to learn more.

Some of the best virtual top up platforms to work with in Nigeria are Fibopay, Jumiapay and VTpass. Fibopay offers up to 5% discount on airtime and internet data purchase and also enables users to pay both education and electricity bills and transfer money to all Nigerian bank accounts. Register on Fibopay to start making profits from this very lucrative business.

Fibopay virtual top up (VTU)


Earning from this lucrative business model is very easy but it requires some extent of hard work and consistency to gather up customers. It is majorly a low margin profit business but the patronage from a large customer base is what brings about the seemingly large profit we talk about.

As of March 2021, Nigeria had about 192 million active GSM subscribers and out of these, let’s say about 150 million recharge their phones with around 100 Naira daily. The internet has also become a huge part of our lives so people purchase internet data on a daily basis.

Let’s do a rough calculation for a vendor who sells 100 Naira airtime to 100 persons and recharges 1000 Naira data for 20 people in one day. Being able to earn up to 5% profit from airtime or data purchase on Fibopay, vendors’ earnings should appear as shown below;

100 Naira airtime for 100 people daily= 500 Naira profit daily

1000 Naira data for 20 people daily= 1000 Naira profit daily

That’s a total of 1500 Naira profit daily for just selling two products. Vendors can also sell MTN SME data with which they can make a profit of around 50 to 100 Naira per transaction, pay electricity or education bills where they can charge up to 100 Naira for service fee and also help customers to transfer money to Nigeria bank accounts where they can charge up to 100 Naira also for service fee.

With all these packages and with consistency, the possibility of a vendor making up to 5000 Naira daily is very high.


Anyone who ventures into the VTU business will definitely earn some money. Even if you have a very low network, everyone definitely has some friends or family members they can always recharge and help in payment of bills.

Recharging or making payments for family and friends alone will not help you gather up much profit from this business. The best way to earn a very substantial amount of income from this business is by advertising yourself to an extent that even people you do not know come to use your services. This way, you build your network and make a whole lot of money from this business.

The best ways to maximize earnings in this business are outlined below;

OPEN A WEBSITE: Owning a website is not compulsory but it is key to maximizing profit in this business. The goal is that users come to your website to carry out transactions and you earn passively from each transaction. You can also run referral programs on your website as this has proven to drag more users to platforms. You can own a virtual top up platform like fibopay by contacting us. When you own a website for your VTU business, it also helps to build credibility as people see your business as a serious one. You can also get recharge contracts with some companies when you package your business properly.

Fibopay virtual top up (VTU)

CREATE SOCIAL MEDIA PAGES: Social media platforms are home to millions of people who make use of the products and services you offer. Opening social media pages is very much important because it helps you to attract more customers to yourself. A lot of social media users purchase airtime and internet data on a daily basis and getting some of them as customers will be a huge boost to your business.

OPEN VTU OUTLETS: Opening up outlets at strategic locations for your virtual top up business isn’t compulsory but it’s an excellent addition because it helps people to reach you physically. If people can reach you physically, they’ll trust you more and they would even patronize and refer more customers to you. Opening an outlet in a busy area such as a school or market environment is best for this business because as we already said, it requires a large network of customers.

HAVE A GOOD CUSTOMER CARE TEAM: If you have a very good customer care team, people will flock to use your services because they know you’ll respond to them if they have issues at any time. Having a good customer care team helps build trust and attract more customers to you.


Earning money from virtual top up (VTU) business has become very easy because vendors can easily register with an already existing platform and begin operations. After going through the above article, people interested in the virtual top up business should be able to begin business and maximize profit accordingly.

Visit Fibopay to register and begin start making huge profit from this lucrative business.

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