Users can earn with Fibopay in the VTU business. We vend airtime and internet data, payment of electricity and education bills and money transfer. Users can either purchase these packages for themselves or for others at discounted prices. Normal users get 1-2% discount on purchase of  airtime or internet data while Agents get 3-5% discount depending on the network provider. Sign up here for access to your dashboard.

After signing up, users are asked to login using the email and password entered during registration. On accessing the dashboard, users can begin purchase of airtime, data and other products without hassles.


Fibopay’s affiliate program also enables users to earn when transactions are completed using their unique referral links. The referral link can be easily gotten from the dashboard and are unique for each user. Post your referral links on your social media pages or on other platforms you think can help you generate clicks. The affiliate program is only open to agents on our platform. Users can upgrade to become agents by simply clicking the ‘Become an agent’ tab on the dashboard. Click here to download our commission rates.


Our product rates are shown in the pictures below.